About Surplec

Surplec… for “Surplus Electriques” (Electrical Surplus)

It is by combining these two words that the company was named, on May 18, 1987!

Initially, Mario Lambert, founding president, managed lists of electrical inventories from master electricians, industries, and public institutions. This new concept was welcomed by customers who found it very advantageous; savings on their purchases; equipment available immediately, in addition to seeing movement in their once stagnant inventories.

The recycling of electrical surplus was born. It’s an instant success!

The territory served by the company is rapidly expanding throughout Quebec, and the demand for circuit breakers, panels, cables and used electrical appliances of all kinds is constantly increasing. During the 1980s and 1990s, Surplec bought surpluses from all major construction sites and offered one of the largest physical inventories in Canada. On January 1st, 1990, the premises at 149 Godin Street in Sherbrooke were inaugurated and the 6000 ft2 warehouse was filled with teak cables and other surpluses. Fifteen more expansions would follow over the next 30 years.

Facilities with multiple equipment are erected: painting workshops, cable reconditioning, remanufacturing, low, medium, and high voltage production. Because a quality assurance system was required, Surplec obtained its ISO-9001 certification in 1997 and became the first company in its field to obtain this certification in North America.

Under the direction of Mr. Sylvain Roy (T.Sc.A), our team of technicians has the equipment, space, and expertise to offer the repair and remanufacturing of electrical equipment while respecting the strictest industry standards.

At the turn of the 2000s, the company divided its low voltage and generator operations (Surplec Industrial and Surplec Generators, now called SIB) and medium and high voltage (from Surplec HV Solutions to Surplec Inc.) to distinguish its activities.

There has been countless decommissioned equipment that were refurbished; thousands of transformer rewinds, sandblasted, repainted, tap changers and bushings repaired, oils regenerated and more. For over 35 years, Surplec’s contribution to the environment has been major.

Raising our quality standards

Surplec constantly seeks to raise its quality standards.

It is through a series of tests and reports (according to international standards) carried out in its medium and high voltage laboratories that it can offer refurbished equipment of unparalleled value. These laboratories are among the best equipped on the private market in North America.

A warranty equivalent to or superior to new products accompanies our remanufactured products.