Power Facility

Sherbrooke, QC

Surplec specializes in transformer repairs and has developed multiple solutions, allowing to reduce and minimize the impact of these shutdowns.

A transformer that breaks down can bring important costs to your business. This shutdown imposed on your factory or caused by electrical network disturbance unfortunately imputes your production.

Transformers intended for electrical energy transformation in transmission and distribution stations are expensive products that need a long-term planning. Increasingly stretched life cycles of these devices put organizations at risk. Long delivery delays, up to years also causes significant repercussions to industry and facility owners of this equipment. In North America only, 60% of transformers installed have been operating for more than 25 years. The average life expectancy for a transformer (normal use) is from 25 to 30 years. Under these conditions, it is essential to guarantee reliability of the installed base.

Following an in-depth diagnosis and a technical and economical analysis, Surplec offers repair and/or remanufacturing solutions.

Repair allows to restore a transformer to its original condition (current, voltage and impedance) while remanufacturing allows to provide new windings and modernized accessories. This will increase the equipment performance and will allow to adjust the transformation ratio to new values as required. We can also upgrade your transformer to meet industry standards.

On your transformer, we can :

  • Do reverse engineering
  • Do partial or complete rewinding;
  • Modernize (increase in power, change in voltages);
  • Add accessories to measure its condition in real time;
  • Do oil and dissolved gas analysis;
  • Perform routine tests and type tests in the laboratory.

By repairing or remanufacturing your transformer, you can :

  • Extend the useful life of your equipment;
  • Obtain an interesting and technically sustainable economical solution while meeting high ecological standards;
  • Avoid long lead times for new transformers;
  • Centralized all actions from a single source; from dismantling to commissioning of the equipment.
  • Improve the existing capacity of your transformers of all performance classes
  • Adapt existing transformers to new network conditions
  • Centralize all actions from a single source : from dismantling to commissionning of the transformer.

Repair service offer – Power Facility

Complete maintenance and upgrade programs;

  • Remanufacturing with new windings (complete or partial);
  • Engineering services;
  • On-site testing and repairs
  • Emergency 24/7
  • Project management
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • On-site service for minor repairs or preparations for transport to our factory, as well as the return of the transformer, the assembly, the reinstallation, and commissioning can be carried out by our SMS team (Surplec Mobile Services)

Power Facility – (Sherbrooke, QC)

  • 21 000 ft2 installation surface, dedicated entirely for transformers;
  • Advanced transformer repair technology and processes;
  • Core type or shell type transformers;
  • Ultra-modern test lab (routine and special tests);
    • 1600kV / 120 kJ BIL;
    • 200kV / 200kVA HI-POT;
    • Induced voltage at higher frequency, partial discharges, temperature rise, etc.
  • Pressurized winding room with controlled climate;
  • Two (2) 50 tons overhead cranes;
  • Two (2) paint shops;
  • Two (2) sand blast cleaning rooms;
  • Mechanic workshop for works on transformer tanks.

High voltage testing laboratory

We offer you a modern test lab amongst the best equipped in Northeast of America to realize all tests on power transformers and equipment, compliant with North American and International standards such as IEEE, ANSI, CSA, CEI or as per requested by the customer.

  • 1600kV BIL;
  • Applied voltage generator up to 200kV / 200kVA;
  • Variable voltage source up to 400kW;
  • High frequency induced voltage source (120 Hz) up to 250kW with partial discharge measurements;
  • Etc…

Routine Tests

  • Turn to turn & polarity (TTR);
  • Insulation resistance;
  • Winding resistance;
  • No load losses and excitation current;
  • Load losses and impedance;
  • Capacity measurement and dissipation factor (C, DF);
  • Power factor measurement (PF) at 10kVAC;
  • Oil analysis as per ASTM D877 and D-1816 standards.

Special Tests

  • BIL and power surge voltage maneuver (SIL), full or cut wave up to 1600kV / 120kJ;
  • Applied voltage at industrial frequency up to 200kV / 200kVA (Hi-Pot);
  • Induced voltage at higher frequency (120 Hz) up to 250 kW;
  • Partial discharge measurements (PD) and RIV surveillance;
  • Partial Discharges research by triangulation;
  • Full load capacity (load losses) including temperature rise up to 990kW;
  • Frequency Sweep Response Analysis (FSRA).

1600kV impulse generator allows to test BIL and SIL for equipment, voltage classes going up to 345kV.

Winding Room

In a room where humidity and temperature levels are controlled, three (3) horizontal winders allow us to manufacture coils for transformers, from 1MVA to 400MVA. Among this equipment, mandrels of different diameters and geometries allow the fabrication of cylindrical coils up to 10 000 pounds and oval and rectangular coils up to 5000 pounds.

  • Pressurized winding room with controlled climate;
  • Three (3) horizontal winders;
  • Qualified and experimented winders;
  • Layered, disc, helical, interleaved, static screens, rectangular coils (any types of windings; HV, LV, RV, Tertiary, Regulation, etc.);
  • Any type of conductors; round, square or rectangular, in pairs or group, simple or continuous transposed (CTC), thread or sheet, any type of insulation: enamel, DDG, Nomex, Dacron, Dennison, Kraft, etc..;
  • All transformer types; core or shell;
  • Voltages up to 315kV;
  • Power up to 150MVA;
  • Coils diameter up to 90”;
  • Coils length up to 120”;
  • Original or new design.


Reengineering and optimization of new coils allow a decrease in load losses and in cases of full winding, an increase of power. We can go to 34.5kV class for dry type transformer coils and 345kV class for oil type transformer coils.

Surplec is a complete and adapted solution to your situation for repair and/or refurbishment of your power transformers.

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