Substation Transformers

Surplec maintains the largest inventory of high-voltage transformers and apparatus in Canada.

Up to 150MVA for remanufactured units. Up to 300MVA for new units. Voltage classes up to 345kV.

We offer remanufactured substation transfomers. We buy your surplus and accept exchanges. Our substation transformers are reconditioned according to current standards and can be modernized according to your needs.

On your transformer, we can :

  • Perform reverse engineering;
  • Partial or complete rewinding;
  • Modernization (increasing power, changing voltages);
  • Addition of accessories to measure its status in real time;
  • Performance of oil and dissolved gas analysis;
  • Performance of routine and laboratory tests.

Optional accessories :

  • Removable radiators
  • Galvanized radiators
  • CPC (on-load tap changer)
  • HV and LV surge arresters
  • Oil temperature indicator
  • Oil level indicator
  • Pressure indicator
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Sudden pressure relay
  • Pressure limiter
  • Accessories with alarm contacts
  • Current transformers (HV, LV or neutral)
  • Grounding Resistance (NGR)
  • Measurement of dissolved gases continuously
  • Temperature measurement of coils by optical fiber
  • Control relay and protection

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